Case Record

Past Verdicts & Settlements

The bottom line is that, day-after-day, we achieve extraordinary results for our clients. Listed below is a sample of verdicts and settlements reached on behalf of individuals and families in their fight to gain justice.

Style of CaseEnd of CaseType of ActionResult
State v. LewisMurder x4Appeal - 1st Court of AppealsReversed
State v. LewisMurder x42 Trials2 Hung Juries & Dismissed
State v. CondeTheft, Money LaunderingDismissed
State v. BosenbergCapital MurderTrialDismissed before trial
State V. ValenciaCapital MurderTrialDismissed before trial
State v. GuyCapital MurderTrialDismissed
State v. TiptonMurder (juvenile defendant)TrialGuilty of Voluntary Manslaughter
State v. JohnsonMoney LaunderingDismissed
State v. MartinezMurderTrialGuilty of Voluntary Manslaughter
State v. PrengerMurderTrialGuilty of Voluntary Manslaughter
State v. VasquezMurderPleaDeferred Adjudication
State v. JB DavisMurderPleaDeferred Adjudication
State v. MunozDelivery of Controlled Substance (1 kilo)TrialShock Probation
State v. MoralesDelivery of Controlled Substance (1 kilo)TrialShock Probation
State v. WilsonOfficial MisconductHearingDismissed & Expunged
State v. ParrTheft (Public Official)TrialDeferred Adjudication
State v. BatesFederal Drug CaseAppeal - 5th CircuitReversed - Not Guilty
State v. RandlePossession of Controlled SubstanceTrialNot Guilty
State v. BrownTheft, Official MisconductTrialNot Guilty
State v. DumasOrganized Crime, Money LaunderingHearingDismissed
State v. RamirezMurderTrialNot Guilty